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Spurr's Big Fix

Spurr's Big Fix

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Try the Hay Chix favorite fix! We use this for wounds, mane/tail growth, thrush, itching, ringworn, rainrot, and more! The best part... it's all natural, its easy to use and it's made in the USA!

  • All Natural Product
  • Wound, Skin Hoof Antiseptic
  • Horses, Pets, Livestock

For wound care: Both antiseptic and soothing, the solution quickly penetrates the affected areas and goes to work. It's a convenient spray it reaches those deeper recess so hard reach with thicker ointments.

For Itchy Skin? Bug Bites? Skin Allergies? The conditioning formula soothes inflamed skin quickly while the medication goes to work killing fungus and bacteria.

For Hooves: Want to condition dry, brittle or cracked hooves? It is also highly effective on White Line Disease and a powerhouse on Thrush. Spurr's Big Fix uses non-drying Tea Tree and other essential oils, along with glycerine to help moisturize the hoof.

Ideal for regrowing hair, mane and tails, too! Spray liberally over affected area daily and see new hair growth appear in days. Use weekly as a preventative maintenance!

Hay Chix® is proud to be an authorized dealer of Spurr's Big Fix.
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