Leading Horses and their People to Natural Recovery

The White Horse Rehab Program is designed to help horses in need and the people who love and care for them.
We also offer this program to non-profits that use horses to deliver hope to the world.

We help by:

  • Educating owners on changes they can make to help their horses.
  • Working with veterinarians, educators and other equine enthusiasts to continue research on products, food and forage, and proper horse management.
  • Offering discounts on Hay Chix products to equine-related rescues for their own use or that become a “rescue reseller” of Hay Chix products to generate extra revenue for the organization.
  • Rehabilitating horses in our own facility. This number is kept small to ensure individual attention, safety, and overall wellness of the animals. (Note: We are not always able to accept animals.)
  • Consistently looking at ways to collaboratively work with other rescue organizations.

How you can get involved:

  • White Horse Rehab’s Product Discount Program
    If your equine-related rescue would like to apply for the product discount program, please fill out the application completely and send it to us. We will take every application into consideration.
  • Donate a Horse
    If you would like to donate a horse to our program, please contact us with as much of the horse’s history as possible, including current photos and treatment history. We will consider each horse on an individual basis. If we are unable to accept the animal, we will do our best to provide you with some other helpful resources.
  • Work with us:  
    Have a great idea for an event or collaboration on a project? We’d love to know what you’re thinking because a slightly bigger herd is more often heard!
White Horse Rehab c/o Hay Chix 
4711 S HWY 281 Mineral Wells, TX 76067
Email: info@haychix.com / call: (651) 404-7377