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Hay Chix® Swivel Pack

Hay Chix® Swivel Pack

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The Swivel Pack creates a safe and easy way to hang your nets in your stall, lean to, on your fence, etc! 

  • Includes: (1) Locking Oval Snap, (1) Swivel, (1) Yoke, (2) Screws
  • Quick & Easy Install! Simply place the swivel onto the yoke and install the yoke anywhere! 


Safety Notice: All clips and snaps can present a danger. Always remove the snap from your net if you are not using it to hang from. If you are hanging at a lower level where an animal can come in contact with the clip, place a piece of tape around the opening to prevent an animal from getting the clip open. The Oval Snap is not designed for climbing... it's designed for your hay net.

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