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Hay Chix® Hay Rack Frame & Hardware

Hay Chix® Hay Rack Frame & Hardware

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Use the Hay Chix® Hay Rack Frame with a Half Bale Net or Small Bale Net. The metal Hay Rack Frame measures 25" x 25" x 35" and features safe, rounded corners, plus a threaded locking nut. The curved front of the Hay Rack adds structural integrity and safety. 
Ideal for: Use on lean-tos, turn outs, panels, fences or on barn walls - Anywhere there's a corner! Works indoors or outdoors!

Click Here for Hay Chix® Hay Rack Installation Video Instructions 

Click Here for Written Hay Chix® Hay Rack Instructions

  • Frame includes installation hardware pack- Hay Chix® Yokes & Screws. Screws require a T25 star bit and are compatible with treated lumber. 
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