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Hay Chix® Fun Foraging Net

Hay Chix® Fun Foraging Net

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The new and improved 'Fun Foraging Net.'

Created to enhance your small animal's health and happiness!

Fill with food, goodies & toys to provide your pet with hours of entertainment and stimulation.

Great for: Rabbits, Chickens, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, and many other small animals.

✷ Fill with hay, food, and toys.
✷ Entertain & engage.
✷ Minimize the mess and waste.
Enhances Instinctual Behavior
✷ Promotes Natural Foraging
  • Opening Size: 1" (SFX/Slow Feed Extreme)
  • Closure: Reinforced strap for easy installation and removal
  • Net Dimensions: Approximately 8" x 11" (Flat, not stretched)
  • (1) net included
  • Made in the USA

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