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2-For Deal: Free Up Feeders

2-For Deal: Free Up Feeders

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Free Up Feeder 2-For Deal!

The Patented Free-Up Feeder is great for stall hay feeding and swings open to fill in less than 30 seconds! The metal Free-Up Feeder Frames feature safe, rounded corners and the perfect hardware (designed by Hay Chix®) to make it easy to use.

Ideal for: Streamlining chores. Use in stalls, trailers, lean-tos, turnouts, panels, fences, or on barn walls. Works indoors & outdoors! It holds about 1/2 of a 2-strand square bale (4-6 flakes.) 


Need Help Choosing the opening/mesh size? Click Here!

  •  Includes: Frame, Half Bale Net, Hardware (Quick Latch 2.0), Quick Latch Pin & Installation Instructions.
  • Warning: We do not recommend use with horned animals, horses with blankets, or non-breakaway halters. Nets may be used with shod horses but must be used with a hay ring that is flush with the ground or hung high enough so the horse cannot paw at it. Nets may be used with blankets as long as the buckles are covered or there is a barrier between the netted bale and the blanket. 
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