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2For *Limited Edition* Jackpot Half Bale Original 13/4" Net

2For *Limited Edition* Jackpot Half Bale Original 13/4" Net

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Get 2 *Limited Edition* Half Bale 'Jackpot' Nets for only $65. While supplies last!

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The Hay Chix® Half Bale Net (formerly known as 'Mini Net') attaches easily to a trailer, eye hook, fence, or tree; it's perfect for keeping your feeding program on track while on the go. This net holds about 1/2 of a small square bale (4-6 flakes.) 

  • Very limited quantity available. Once they're gone, the deal is no longer valid. 
  • Ideal for: Keeping your stalled horses busy in your pasture or paddock, hauling: whether inside or outside your trailer, on a tie line for those weekends you hit the trails. This net has been shown to help confined horses with ulcers, weaving, pawing, and other unwanted behaviors.
  • Warning: We do not recommend use with horned animals, horses with blankets, or non-breakaway halters. Nets may be used with shod horses but must be used with a hay ring that is flush with the ground or hung high enough so the horse cannot paw at it. Nets may be used with blankets as long as the buckles are covered or there is a barrier between the netted bale and the blanket. 

Click Here to watch the Half Bale Net in Action!

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