The Mountain of Communication

Can you believe we are halfway through 2024? Seriously, it feels like time just flies by anymore…

Recently, I was able to bring my daughter along on a work trip with me. We were able to catch a little break from work and take some time to enjoy our surroundings. After asking the locals, we decided to drive up a mountain road that we had been told you could reach the top of. We were in need of a little break from reality, and an adventure was just what the soul needed.

As we climbed, we drove through valleys and then started the ascend. The trees were enormous, the air was crisp, and the sounds of nature were truly almost beyond comprehension. We stopped at some waterfalls, looked at the moss that covered the towering trees & just got to jumpstart our senses. It was such a rush to be in a place with so many unknowns, and the beauty was almost overwhelming.

As we continued the drive, it was crazy— there was no one on the road! Not in front of us, behind us, or passing by. It was almost surreal as we were getting closer to the top. The temperature was dropping, and as the road twisted and turned, you never quite knew what was up ahead of us.
There were very few guard rails, which honestly did not make me feel any less safe because they were not needed. It made me realize that my attention to the road was even more important, even with all the amazing sites. No shoulder on the road, cliffs that would be life-ending, and the fact that we lost cell service 3/4 of the way up the mountain left the back of my mind filled with fear of what if the car breaks down? What if something jumps out, and I instinctively swerve? What if these signs about falling rocks are true, and we are crushed?

Geez, it’s amazing how the mind will revert back to its natural state of survival, trying to figure out the next step and how quickly you can lose the peace and majesty of the moment. After a few deep breaths (as the air is thinner up there 😉), we continued on. What a rush to reach the top! There was a pond surrounded by trees, snow, and a lookout to see just how far you’d come, along with a view of even bigger mountains that surrounded us.

As I reflect back on that drive, I feel like it relates so much to life.
I’ve been dealing with a lot of communication problems lately in many areas of my life. Whether it’s at home with my family, an understaffed vet clinic that can’t get back to me, or a workplace issue, communication problems seem to present themselves every single day.

Communication can make or break everything. Sometimes, people over-communicate about things we are not interested in or want to be a part of. Sometimes, people under-communicate, which can leave many open doors for fear of the unknown to creep in and make assumptions. I believe we can all agree most of our daily problems can all be traced back to how something was communicated and what happened after it was said or not said, done or not done, and heard but not received. So what do we do? How do we climb the mountain of communication these days? With so many ways to communicate, such as voice, text, email, meeting groups, talk to text, the list goes on and on. How do we navigate the twists and turns the road of communication can throw at us? While “I think” there are going to be many answers to this gesture as we all communicate differently at times. What has gotten me through countless trials is this: the truth will set you free!

Now, here’s the kicker: we all have our own perspectives. Some of us don’t want to deal with the truth, some of us don’t know the truth, some of us are truth seekers, and sometimes the truth is going to hurt us, so we don’t want to hear it. I’m sure you remember the line in the movie, “You want answers? I want the truth! You can’t handle the truth!” (A Few Good Men)

Sometimes, our truths truly hurt... But why is something that’s the answer going to hurt us you might ask? Because it can mean we must see something different than what’s comfortable, because we may have to change based on the knowledge we present or are presented with. Ultimately, every time I’ve been faced with life-altering truth, while it hurt, once I dealt with the issue at hand, I was able to get to the next step or phase in life.

Just like the signs along the way of that mountain road, “Watch Out For Falling Rocks” doesn’t mean a rock is for sure going to fall on you, or “No Guard Rail” doesn’t mean you will fall off the cliff… Your body will also send you signs when something isn’t right or you’re headed off course. So, if your internal roadmap has signs and flashers going off about something, and you have been ignoring them or just simply haven’t had the time or made the time to do so, let me say the time is now!

You need to know what type of road you’re on to keep the peace in your mind and in your life. You must not ignore the signs for too long, as the roadblock or accident that stalls you might set you back much longer than just doing the current maintenance on a communication issue at hand.

Here are some of the tools I use to help with my communication issues or try to figure out situations.

1. Prayer. While a lot of times people go to this later on in the problem, I have found the quicker I go to this & go to God with my problem, the quicker it’s resolved.

2. Find someone you can trust, and they must have sound judgment. These types of people are vital in your life. If you don’t have any, go back to my first response of prayer and ask God to bring somebody into your life who you can communicate with and who will help you. This might be a spouse, a professional or church counselor, or it might be a friend you never knew you had. I have been blessed with a husband who has good discernment and a few great friends that I can lean on when the going gets tough or when there's something I just can't sort through. 

3. We also need to believe the best in people, especially if they’re people that we know their heart. Just like with the vet, I know they are so busy! It’s a demanding career they got into because they were passionate about animals. But it’s a high-stress environment all the time; they are dealing with everyone’s babies and prized herds. The worst part for the vet is likely us people. So, the demand for their time is magnified. I just wish there was a simple text system where they could log in and put notes so we could check for updates without having to have actual contact with the vet. (If there’s any techie people out there, here’s your million-dollar idea. 😉)

On the other hand, if we know someone is unwilling to communicate or unwilling to make the needed changes, then we must make the necessary changes required to keep our path clear and continue to climb the mountains before us on our journey. Remember, we don’t need to know all the answers, but we do need to communicate our part and provide help where we can. Also, remember that communication is not always verbal. Physical communication is and can be an even more effective tool you have to use.

So, ask yourself today. Am I doing my best to communicate so others can understand my point of view? Have I said or done what I need to? How can I better serve those around me? Am I over thinking this? While communication can be overwhelming at times, it truly is the key to traveling up and down all the mountains in this life.

Do your best to do your part & lean on God for the rest.
Life is a climb; keep going & reach the top of whatever you’re after!
Many Blessings, Kris.

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