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Redmond First Aid

Redmond First Aid for Horses is an all natural, hydrated bentonite clay that promotes natural healing. It can be applied to sores, open wounds, skin irritations, burns, and bites. Redmond First Aid can also help draw out infection and prevent proud flesh. When applied, the clay seals the area, which helps keep flies and bacteria away from the affected area.


How do I apply First Aid? If possible, rinse any dirt and debris from the wound. Once dry, layer First Aid on 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick. Mound First Aid up over the wound and taper the clay toward the edges. This helps to seal the wound and keep the clay in place.

Should you wrap the wound? Yes, if possible. It is best to cover First Aid with gauze then wrap the wound with vet wrap. This helps to keep First Aid close to the wound, keep the clay hydrated and protects the wound from bumping and further injury. In reality wrapping the wound on your horse is not always feasible. In these cases, simply apply First Aid, and, as it dries and with the natural movement of the horse, much of the First Aid will eventually sluff off. This is okay. Don’t worry about leaving a little dry residue, simply reapply more First Aid over the top.

What if my horse licks First Aid off? First aid is completely natural. If your horse eats it, all the better. We eat it too – it is not only safe, it is very good for your horse. With all of the minerals, detoxifying effects and pH balancing ability, it would probably be good if your horse ate a little everyday.

How long should First Aid be left in place? If First Aid is applied without being wrapped, odds are good that it will stay in place for an hour-or-two and then naturally sluff off due to drying and the horses movement. This is okay. We recommend reapplying First Aid twice a day to aid in the healing process. If First Aid is applied with a wrap, you will want to change the bandage and clay daily. If you find the clay is drawing out all kinds of interesting infection (don’t be surprised when this happens), you will want to change the bandage and reapply First Aid 2-3 times a day until the infection disappears. This allows the wound to get air, keeps the wound and bandage clean and provides a fresh charge of First Aid to continue the drawing and healing process.

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